IBCAJ Registered Members


Mr. Amit Chakraborty

Mr. Amlan Debnath

Mr. Anish Dey

Dr. Anupam Mitra

Vice President

Mr. Arpan Krumar Das

Dr. Ashutosh Chowdhury

Mr. Bhaskar Dev

Mr. Dipankar Biswas

Jt. Secretary

Dr. Joydeep Chakraborty

Cultural Department

Mr. Kalaswan Dutta

Cultural Department

Mr. Kaushik Paul

Dr. Kaustav Bhattacharya

Mr. Kumar Sankar Roy

Mr. Manish Kothari

Mr. Naba Kumar Ghosh


Dr. Nabarun Roy

Mr. Naba Gopal Roy

Mr. Palash Sarkar

Media Wings

Mr. Pallab Sarkar

Media Wings

Mr. Pranab Biswas

Mr. Punit Tyagi.

Dr. Rajarshi Dasgupta

Dr. Rajib Shaw

Mr. Sanjib Chatterjee

Financial Department

Mr. Sanjib Sanyal

Mr. Samriddha Sengupta

Mrs. Sonali Pathak

Mr. Soumya Dutta

Cultural Department

Mr. Soumyadeep Mukherjee

Mr. Srinesh Kundu

Jt. Secretary

Mr. Subhabrata Mukherjee

Financial Department

Mr. Subhasis Paramanik

Media Wings

Mr. Subrata Mondal

Mr. Sukanta Das

Mr. Sugam Ghosh

Mr. Sumon Paul

Mr. Swapan Kumar Biswas



Apply for membership.

This application form is to apply for the membership of India(Bengal) Cultural Association Japan in short IBCAJ. Please note that the member must obey all the rules and regulations of the association. If you are agree, please fill our the form and submit it to us. We will contact you through e-mail of phone.

Your application wouldn’t be granted unless it is approved by out President or secretary.

Membership JPY5,000/year

*Please contact any of our member before applying.