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~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Saraswat 2018

Saraswati Puja magazine: SARASWAT

We are collecting article for 5th edition of our Saraswati Puja magazine SARASWAT which will be published on Saraswati Puja Celebration 2018.
Please  e-mail us your article in MS Word format by 10th January 2018
E-mail address:     or      info@ibcaj

* Please note that it will be a B/W content with color coverpage magazine this year so be aware that your drawing or painting will be printed with Black&White on the magazine.

Call : +81 80-5488-2244 for any question.


Terms and Conditions for Magazine article


       Please follow our conditions to write an article for IBCA Japan magazine. Article can be written in Bengali, English, Hindi and Japanese language. 

The size of the magazine: Standard B5 / Font Century / Font size 10.5(Body) 14 bold(Headings) 12(Name of the author) / Margins 12.7(All sides)

Article must be related with any of the following conditions.

1.About Indian or Japanese culture, life style, history, etc.

2.About India(Bengal) Cultural Association Japan

3.Personal experience or incident related article must be meaningful or related with India, Japan or Our organization (IBCA JAPAN).

Articles related with the following will not be entertained.

  1. Any article with contains personal / confidential information or which may hurt someone.
  2. Any article copied from a famous writer, third person, social media or certain website.
  3. About any illegal activity.
  4. Article which contains political influence.
    Any article against Indian or Japanese rules / customs / culture.
  5. Personal advertisement/Private information
  6. Only 1 writing or drawing/painting will be published from each person.


  1. Our publishing team will check and decide if the article eligible for publishing.
  2. Editorial team will have right to decide on the publication/refusal of any article and any dispute in this regard will not be entertained.


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We are collecting article for 5th edition of our Saraswati Puja magazine SARASWAT which will be published on Saraswati Puja Celebration 2018.

Please  e-mail us your article in MS Word format by 10th January 2018

E-mail address:     or